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Proper planning is key to the filing of income tax for individuals and small business owners.  Proper recordkeeping for individuals, and well-maintained accounting records for small business owners, are vital to accurately report income and expenses as well as to minimize your overall tax liabilities.  Score Pros tax preparation services will help you to maximize your savings or profits, and remain compliant with all current income tax regulations.  Score Pros income tax  preparation services allow you to:



Score Pros has partnered with experienced accountants so that you may benefit from their expertise and that we can better serve the wide ranging needs of our tax preparation clients.  Beginning with our client organizer, we inquire about more than your documents.  We seek to obtain the most relevant information to prepare your income tax return and to help you plan for the future.  Rest assured, we will provide a seamless, professional and educational tax preparation experience.


  • Remain compliant with both federal and state tax laws

  • Take advantage of many overlooked credits and deductions

  • Minimize your tax liability using strategic tax planning strategies

  • Electronically process and submit tax documents using our secure client 

  • Utilize the services and skillset of our professional tax preparers with professional grade tax software

  • Have your return reviewed by an experienced tax professional using the latest tax software

  •  Channel more money back into your business



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