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Additional Services

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Budgeting & Financial Planning

Our Pro-Planner software will assist you in creating the financial future of your dreams.  Our team of financial and accounting professionals will assist you in preparing a budget as well as financial planning tools.  

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Secured Credit Card

Building positive credit should be started immediately.  The removal of negative items from your credit report combined with building positive credit serves as a 1-2 punch to your credit score.  There is no minimum credit score to qualify, with a reasonably low deposit of $200. 

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Student Loan Debt Servicing

We can help you reset your student loan debt with lower payments, stopping wage garnishments and tax offsets.  We can also help to bring your student loan out of default and  into good standing.  

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Build Credit Without a Credit Card

A Credit Strong account is the fusion of a secured consumer installment loan and a savings account. During the life of your Credit Strong account you build both credit history and savings.

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Unsecured Platinum Visa Card

This unsecured credit card offers limits ranging from $500 - $1,350.  This card does not require a deposit.  The credit limits may be doubled after several months of positive payment history.  Creditor will perform a soft-pull to prequalify you. 

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Other Offers and Services

We have additional offers and services available to assist those who are seeking credit resources.  Please take a moment to review the searchable database.  We are available to answer your questions at